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New on the Market

For Sale

Two 20,000LB CECO Steam Hammers

These Hammers are Complete With The Following Spare Parts

Four Side Frames
One Cylinder
One New Anvil
Two Rams
One Tie Plate
Two Cylinder Covers


Hetran Bar Turner

Model BT-10, with Exit
Clamping Caraige
Capacity up to 10.25" Bar

For Sale

8000 Ton Lake Erie Hydraulic Forging Press

Max. Daylight

Min. Daylight 63-1/2"
Max. Main Ram Stroke 48"
Upper Knockou  Stroke 2"
Lower Knockout Stroke 14"
Diameter of Main Ram


2000 Ton Feilding Hydraulic Forging Press
Max. Daylight 120"
Max. Stroke Main Ram 60"
Diameter of Main Ram 30-1/2"
Number of Return Rams 2
Power of Return Rams 300 tons
Ejector Power 200 tons
Ejector Stroke 30"
Ejector Return Power 50 tons

(8000 Ton can be outfitted for Isothermal application)

3000 Ton Lake Erie Hydaulic Forging Press

81-3/4" Right to Left Between Stops
60" Front to Back Overall
48" Stroke
48" Shut Height to Top of Bottom Bolster
96" Daylight
14" Diam. Were Plate X 4-1/2" Thick
Five (5) Oilgear - DX15025 Piston/108 GPM

Speeds: 500" Per. Min. Closing
59" Per. Min. Pressing
467" Per. Min. Return
Wagner Dortmund Radial Axial Ring Mill
RAW 200/125-5000/450

20,000 LB. Erie Hammer Base

Induction Billet Heater-3" Rounds, 900F


10,000 LB.

Maximum Impact Energy 118,000 FT. LB.
Norminal Falling Weight 12,500 LB.
Stroke 51 in.
Maximun Die Height 27 in.
Minimum Die Height 16 in.
Daylight Between Guides 28 in.
Width Between Frames 38-3/4 in.
Ram Front to Back 38 in.
Sow Front to Back 44 in.
Blows Per Minute 61 max.
Total Weight 285,000 lb.
Anvil Weight 252,000 lb.
Footprint L/R 146 in.
Footprint F/B 74 in.
Height Above Floor 20 ft. 4-1/2 in.
Receiver Size 250 cu. ft.
Piston Rod Length 10 ft. 2 in.
Cylinder Bore Size 25 in.
Cylinder Bore Capacity 13 cu. ft.
Maximum Die Weight 3500 lb.


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